About our School

Gerald McShane School serves the Anglophone communities of the boroughs of Montréal-Nord and Rivière-des-Prairies. The school offers an enriched educational curriculum. Our programs are geared toward developing proficiency in English, French and Mathematics, while emphasizing physical fitness and fostering an appreciation for the arts.

Our Mission

At Gerald McShane School we are committed to making learning an enriching experience. The staff is dedicated to fostering academic excellence through the development of the whole student: physically, intellectually, and socially. We also emphasize the importance of friendship; we instill in our students a sense of belonging and provide them with a positive learning environment to motivate them to achieve their own personal success.

MESA Annual Report

2014-2015 School Year

Uploaded: 2016-04-08

MESA Success Plan

2014-2017 School Years

Uploaded: 2016-04-08

Where is Montréal-Nord?

Montréal-Nord (Montreal North) is a borough of the City of Montreal located in the northeast portion of the island between Rivière-des-Prairies River to the North and the CN railway line to the South.

Montréal-Nord began as sleepy middle-class suburban town. Today, it is a multi-cultural urban neighbourhood with more than 83,000 citizens.

Learn more about the history and demographics of Montréal-Nord by clicking on the link below: