Extra-Curricular programs and activities are an extension to the basic school curriculum. Schools will offer a different variety of educational programs and activities depending on the community, location and volunteers and funding.

Distinctive Programs

Some children of newly arrived families do not have a functional ability of French or English when they come to Quebec. The classe d’accueil, directly translated as a welcoming class, is as a separate classroom to get children up to speed in French and Quebec’s school curriculum before they attend a regular class with French and English speaking students.

The Programme d'enseignement des langues d'origine (PELO), is a special project completely financed by the government. The purpose of the program is to allow each child to broaden and better appreciate his/her language and culture of origin. In our case, due to the number of pupils who are of Italian origin, the language taught is Italian.

The program is nevertheless open to all pupils in the school and at all cycles. Many pupils who are not of Italian origin avail themselves of the opportunity to learn a new language and better appreciate the culture of their friends, and as such, register for the program.

At present, the course is integrated into the pupil’s regular timetable for a total of 90 minutes per week.

Students are introduced to music recording software and music composition.

CanSkate is a dynamic learn-to-skate program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development. Based on Sport Canada’s long term athlete development (LTAD) principles, CanSkate centers on physical literacy and the fundamental skills needed to take part in any ice sport or to skate as a recreational activity.

Gerald McShane School partners with Québec-en-Forme to offer a wellness education program that teaches active living and healthy eating, essential to the full development of Québec's youth.

The Greater Montreal Athletic Association is a school sports organization devoted to the promotion of athletics in the English schools of the greater Montreal region. Gerald McShane participates in various sports events organized by the GMAA for elementary schools.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Constantly striving to open minds and broaden horizons, traditional academics are supported by supplemental and extracurricular activities that engage and challenge students. To the greatest extent possible, activities and supplements are made available at no cost or for a very nominal fee.


  • Social Skills Club
  • Cooperation and Play Workshops
  • Leadership Workshops for Cycle III
  • PASS (Preparing Adolescents for Social Situations)
  • Cultural

  • School Band
  • Innovative Holiday-Themed Events
  • Community Fundraising Events
  • Sports

  • GMAA Sports
  • Games and Walking Clubs
  • Academic

  • Robotics Club
  • Transition to High School Workshops(Grade 6)

Field Trips

Gerald McShane students benefit from a wide variety of outings and field trips:

  • Grade 6 Winter Camping
  • Montreal Symphony Orchestra
  • Ski Trips
  • Museums
  • Apple Picking
  • Sugar Shack

Special Events and Fundraisers

With the help of our parent volunteers special events, are organized at school. Our students and staff are very much involved in fundraising for children's hospitals, brain tumor awareness and breast cancer research. Parents also hold fundraising events to raise money for the school:

  • Carnival Day
  • End-of-Year Fun Day
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Dress-Down Days
  • Skate-a-Thon
  • Denim Day
  • School Bazaar