At Gerald McShane Elementary School our staff is dedicated to fostering academic excellence through the development of the whole student: physically, intellectually, and socially. We also emphasize the importance of friendship; we instill in our students a sense of belonging and provide them with a positive learning environment to motivate them to achieve their own personal success. 


Principal Ms. Christina Chilelli
School Secretary Mrs. Anna Maria Castricato

Kindergarten Cycle

Pre-Kindergarten A Ms. Melissa Roma Bilingual
Pre-Kindergarten B Ms. Pompea Lacroce Bilingual
Maternelle A Mme. Patricia Tramontin Français
Maternelle B Mme. Mimma Campanaro Français

Cycle One

Niveau 1A Mme. Sonia Lessard Français
Niveau 1B Mme. Anny Boivin Français
Niveau 2A Mme. Paola Naccarello Français
Niveau 2B Mme. Anny Boivin Français

Cycle Two

Niveau 3A Mme. Anna Maria Fata Greco Français
Grade 4A Ms. Nadia Farinaccio English
Grade 3/4B Ms. Silva Muzzo English

Cycle Three

Grade 5A (50%) Ms. Sally Mirarchi English
Niveau 5A Mme. Genevieve Legaré Français
Grade 5B Ms. Gisella Scalia English
Grade 6A & 6B Ms. Gisella Scalia English
Niveau 6A & 6B M. Michel Lemaire Français


Physical Education Ms. Karine Gomes Silva Bilingual
Music Ms. Daniela Alongi Bilingual
Art Mme. Gaetanne Fournier Français
English Resource Ms. Marlene Colacci English
French Resource Mme. Gaetanne Fournier Français
Ethics & Religious Culture Ms. Dolores D'Alete English

Support Staff

School Secretary: Ms. Anna Maria Castricato
Library Technician: Mr. Charles Prefontaine
Lunch Supervisor: Ms. Diane Chioda
Lunch Supervisor: Ms. Sara Greco
Lunch Supervisor: Ms. Josie De Filippis
Lunch Supervisor: Ms. Louise Miniaci

Caretaking Staff

Day Caretaker: Mr. Marcello Pirollo
Night Caretaker: Mr. Angelo Ventrella

Education Support

Child Care Worker: Ms. Josie Leporre
Special Ed. Tech: Mr. Mauro Di Ciocco
Special Ed. Tech: Ms. Cynthia Dahier

PELO Teachers

Italian: Ms. Anna Iera
Italian: Ms. Annunziata Morena


Technician: Ms. Clementina Fraga
Educator: Ms. Candy Di Zazzo
Educator: Ms. Pina Lucia
Educator: Ms. Mac Sansalone
Educator: Ms. Kisha De Pippo

Professional Staff

Special Projects & CLC: Ms. Cathy Vella
Spiritual Animator: Mr. Rocco Speranza
Speech & Language Pathologist: Ms. Anna Kij
Psychologist: Ms. Olga Pazzia-Guiducci
Nurse (CLSC): Ms. Diana Muccitelli
Dental Hygienist (CLSC): Mme. Élaine Bertand
Social Worker (CLSC): Ms. Daniela Passucci