Dear Gerald McShane Community,

GMS has a rich history of community and commitment to education. I am honored to be able to fulfill the role of principal for this 2022-2023 school year. Being new to the elementary sector, the staff at GMS have made my transition from high school to elementary school one of the most positive learning experiences in my career. I am excited to continue learning from the staff and working to maintain the high standards interwoven into the GMS educational culture.

This year we can expect a return to normalcy, which will hopefully reduce the environmental stress our students have experienced over the past 30 months. The school and school board will continue to supply the materials necessary for maintaining the health and safety of our students and larger community. I ask that you remain vigilant in your monitoring and use the provided tools to do your part in keeping our staff and students safe!

Learning is promoted through safety and security. A student who feels safe and has their needs met will be open to all the learning opportunities presented by the GMS experience. At GMS these needs are met by our spectacular and committed staff, school partners, and you the community! As always, the school remains ready to help any members who need our support.

Our educational trajectory this year will be filled with learning about our natural environment and the trees that surround the grounds around us. Our inclusive school-wide project will foster connections between all students in our community. Look out for your opportunity to participate!  

Wishing you the best for the 2022-2023 school season!

Principal / Directeur
Alexander Kulczyk