Sports Concentration Program

The Sports Concentration at Gerald McShane is designed to assist student athletes at the elementary level in their search for academic and athletic excellence. The goal of this program is to allow students to balance the demands of their sports training program and their academic program.

Sports Concentration Program Outline

The Sports Concentration program provides for a personalized daily schedule, daily study hall and flexible deadlines which allow students to practice and compete in a sport.

Sports Facilities

In addition to Gerald McShane’s own gymnasium and sports equipment, the Sports Concentration Program has quick access to fantastic sports facilities throughout the City of Montreal. Whether it’s playing hockey at the Rolland Arena, swimming at the Complexe Sportif Marie-Victorin or playing soccer on our very own Soccer fields in our school yard, the options are just steps away. 

Our Current Partners

We currently have agreements with the following sports partners:

  • To provide students with a supportive environment which enables them to balance academics and athletics, in order to achieve excellence in both spheres.
  • To provide study-hall time to work on school assignments and access to remedial help when required.
  • To schedule an allotted time for students to practice their sports during the school day. In order to provide a better conciliation between their sport and academic
  • To develop well-rounded individuals that have:
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Cooperative “team” skills
    • Social skills
    • Leadership skills
Academic requirements 
  • Student must have a minimum of 75% in English, French, and Mathematics.
  • Student must have an overall average of 75% in other subjects.
  • Student demonstrates behaviors that reflect our school code of conduct and is in good disciplinary standing.
Eligibility requirements
  • The student must be accepted by our sports partners.
  • The student must be eligible to attend a public English School.
  • Students participating in the Sports Concentration Program must be and maintain good academic and behavior standing.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Sonia D’Addario (Sports Coordinator) at to help you determine whether your child students meet the eligibility requirements for the program.