School Reminders

Warmer Day Reminders

students playing on jungle gym
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Refillable water bottles (With your child’s name) are permitted. These are to be filled with water only and powdered mixes are to be avoided.

The Dalkeith Gym shirt is for gym. It should not be considered a regular substitute for the polo top. Remember, a plain white T-shirt is perfectly acceptable in the warmer weather.

“Flip Flops” are great to keep cool but are NOT appropriate for running in the schoolyard nor for the hallways or stairs. Proper footwear should be considered before sending the students in in the morning.

Please feel free to apply sunscreen on at home (Minimum Recommended SPF is 30) before they come into school. It should be noted that the “spray on” sunscreens are not considered to be the best as fumes that are inhaled are not at all healthy. Unfortunately, the staff cannot re-apply the lotion prior to going out nor should the younger students be permitted to apply it themselves (exception: carnival day).

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