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Montreal - Monday, January 8, 2024

During the month of January, the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) is celebrating how the French language is cultivated at its schools through the arts. One special feature is an online advent calendar for January with each clickable date opening a window into a mini cultural experience.  

Created by the team of pedagogical consultants for French as a Second Language in elementary schools, the calendar was designed for teachers to explore, with their students, the diverse aspects of Quebec culture in French. Available in two versions appropriate for younger or older students in elementary school, many aspects are covered including songs, literature, sports, dance, painting, cooking and more. 

We asked the creators behind the calendar, Marie-Claude Bergeron, Sonya Jean and Anik Malenfant, to tell us more about it. 

  • Q: Why did your team choose to create a cultural calendar to celebrate the month of À la CSEM On cultive le français ... jour après jour ? 

A: Being bilingual is more than speaking and understanding a language. Being bilingual also means having "the key" to access the culture associated with that language! What a privilege it is for our students to have access to an education in both French and English, since it also gives them access to the "precious treasures" of our two languages! What's more, exposing students to "cultural landmarks" is part of both the French as a Second Language and Arts programs. 

  • Q: Why is it important to teach French as a second language through the arts (visual arts, music and theater)?

A: Using the arts to teach French creates an "emotional" link with the language. Combining the arts and French not only teaches the language, it also makes French interesting, stimulating and alive. It also teaches vocabulary in authentic contexts.

  • Q: How do you hope students and their families will appreciate the calendar?

A: We  hope the calendar will pique our students' curiosity and inspire them to continue exploring  francophone Quebec after day, both at school and at home

Calendrier culturel pour les plus vieux :  

Calendrier culturel pour les plus jeunes : 

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