Education and support programs for students are provided by our partners,  the Integrated Health and Social Services Centres (CISSS) and Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS).

Healthcare professionals are assigned to schools on a part-time basis and availability varies from school to school.  Please consult your child's school for more information.

School Nurse

The primary concern of the nurse who intervenes in school is the health of the students. As health professionals, they bring a special expertise to youth and their parents, teachers, professionals, school administrators and community groups. They are involved in promoting health, preventing and protecting health, as well as maintaining and restoring health. The nurse is actively involved with school staff in the development of the individualized emergency health plan when required, and provides the necessary training to school staff (caregivers) to provide care.

Additionally, as part of the provincial vaccination program or during a specific vaccination campaign, the nurse oversees and organizes the vaccination sessions with the collaboration of school administration. The school nurse will also, in the case of complex/chronic health issues, collaborate with the administration and staff to plan an adequate intervention.

Dental Hygienist

The role of the dental hygienist within the school is to perform routine oral screening of all children at the kindergarten level. This screening makes it possible to foresee a need for treatment of tooth decay and also allows the selection of children who will be eligible for individualized preventive follow-up. Additionally, with the consent of the parent, all children considered to be at high risk of tooth decay could benefit from individualized preventive monitoring in schools.

Social Worker

The school social worker works in collaboration with the school team as they orient their intervention on the social functioning of the students. In order to support the development of the child, the social worker is in continual collaboration with the parents, the family, the school and any other organization that revolves around this child. They will also provide services to students who are experiencing difficulties within their environment that have an impact on their ability to function in school.  The school social worker also works in other settings such as the CLSC and homes.