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Frequently asked questions

I am missing my child's EMSB username and password, how do I find it?

Your child should have received this information by his/her school at the beginning of the school year.  Please ask your child if your child already has knowledge of her/his EMSB username and password. If so, your child may login at eportal.emsb.qc.ca and / or office.com.

If your child does not remember, or did not receive an EMSB username and password, please complete a request by clicking here.

What educational activities are available for my child during the school closures?

Activities for elementary, secondary and special needs students can be found in our activities section. The Ministry of Education is also providing learning kits for students.   New content is added every Sunday.

EMSB Weekly Activities MEES Weekly Learning Kits

Where can I find resources for the various subject areas?

Websites, and other educational resources are available for students and families on our educational space, click on the buttons below to visit each section:

Preschool & Elementary School Secondary School

How will online learning work? What if I don’t have a computer or if I need my computer to work from home?

The school team will implement a system that allows students in class and students at home to receive support. The Ministère has also made a commitment to support them. Teachers will receive training and measures will be implemented to allow students to retrieve their school books, notebooks and personal effects. In addition, students remaining at home who need technological tools will be able to receive these tools so that they can continue learning during this exceptional period.

What if I, as a parent, don’t have the time to help my child because I am working?

Elementary and secondary school students who remain at home will receive subject assignments to do from teachers. There will also be weekly follow-ups carried out by teachers and multidisciplinary teams. The choice of methods, tools and activities for children who remain at home is at the professional discretion of each teacher. The pedagogical and professional support currently in place will be maintained and enhanced.

How can I make learning French fun at home?
  • Watch French educational programs daily on Télé-Québec en classe.
  • Listen to audio books. Many are available here.
  • Play guessing games, hangman, bingo, Scrabble, mimes, improv, Pictionary, Hedbanz, Taboo, etc.
  • Explore sites like Duolingo and Babbel.
  • Try USITO (via EMSB Virtual Library) or a visual dictionary
  • Play a board game in French, have supper in French, prepare a recipe in French, watch the French version of an English movie.
  • Watch the same French television program every week, as a family.