About Us

The mission of the Nutrition and Food Services is to promote health-enhancing attitudes and behaviours among our students through nutrition awareness and education and by ensuring access to varied and nutritious foods needed to stay healthy and focused in school.

Being part of the English Montreal School Board’s Community Services, Nutrition and Food Services aims at encouraging school communities to eat well and be healthy through the services, programs and educational activities offered.

Cafeterias and Hot Lunch services are regularly supervised by EMSB food technicians and dietitians to ensure that the food provided to students is appealing, in addition to being nutritious and safe. Also, nutrition support programs are offered to provide assistance and encouragement to our students in meeting their nutritional needs.

In addition to feeding the bodies, the EMSB dietitians also feed the minds of our students. They plan and implement various nutrition education activities geared at providing dietary strategies to students, parents and staff to maintain an adequate nutritional status.  

Nutrition and Food Services is here to fill your plate with the right portion of wholesome nutrition information to encourage the joy of eating and cooking; all the while promoting wellness!

Our Team

The Nutrition and Food Services team consists of dietitians, food technicians, support staff and cafeteria staff who work together to ensure that EMSB students have access to nutritious foods that encourage optimal growth and learning.

Through the different in-school programs, the Board’s dietitians educate students regarding healthy eating, label reading and sustaining habits that promote overall well-being. They help to ensure that the meals provided through our various food service programs respect the EMSB Nutrition Policy. They also help shed some light on various common food and nutrition trends and beliefs.

The Board’s technicians work diligently to carefully plan the meals and to ensure the safe and timely preparation of meals. They are also responsible for overseeing the overall operation of our food service programs. This includes tasks such as scheduling, hiring and ensuring compliance of the food hygiene and safety standards.

Our support staff help carry out our daily food service operations, including various administrative tasks. Our cafeteria staff are our front-line agents who serve our EMSB students to ensure they eat, grown and learn.